Sunday afternoon at Starbucks

I must admit that, years ago, I pined for a Starbucks and an Indigo in Saint John. But that was before Java Moose and more recently, Inprint, came on the scene – a local coffee shop and a local bookstore that filled a void long felt by Saint Johners with a taste for strong, high-quality coffee and a good book store to browse through on a Sunday afternoon. Along came Indigo and Starbucks anyway, in spite of – or perhaps because of – existing local options that demonstrated a market was there for quality coffee and book shops.

Perhaps fitting for Saint John, Starbucks first opened a stand-alone, box-store-style outlet on the east side – a striking departure from their urban roots on big-city street corners. It comes as no surprise then that they would open uptown in a mall, rather than in an historic building with a street view. I spent this afternoon marking papers in the new outlet in Brunswick Square. Note to Randy and Glen: A loyal Java Moose person, I promise I won’t go to Starbucks during the week, and I’ll stop going at all if you open the Prince William Java Moose Sunday afternoons. – Mark Leger


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