The Fredericton Connection

On this week’s show – the Fredericton Connection. By sheer coincidence, we are featuring either people living in Fredericton or performing there. All of them, though, will of great interest to our Saint John audience. 

First off, we’re giving away two free tickets to the Ani DiFranco show Jan. 25 in Fredericton, so tune in for your chance to win!

Then we’ll chat with architect John Leroux about architecture in Saint John. Though he lives in Fredericton he takes great interest in our city. He recently wrote an in-depth article about the world-class architect who is designing the proposed Irving building on the waterfront. Leroux has also been critical of the city’s plan to bury the steps of the Saint John Arts Centre in the proposed Peel Plaza development. He’s giving a public lecture about Saint John architecture Friday evening at Inprint Bookstore on King St.

Last but not least, we’ll interview Graeme Walker from Olympic Symphonium. The Fredericton-based trio will perform with Isaac and Blewett on Saturday night in Saint John. Walker, a Saint John native, will talk about their upcoming touring season, which includes an appearance at the Olympics in late February.

Tune in at 6:30 pm, Thursday, on CFMH 107.3 FM.


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